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PMP Exam Prep FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Am I eligible to write the PMP® Exam?

A full explanation of prerequisites is presented via the  “Prerequisites” tab

How many years back can I go for my Project Management experience on my PMP application?

All project management experience used on your application must be within the last eight years.

What is the format of PMP Exam?

All questions on the exam are multiple-choice with each question having 4 answer choices.

How many Questions are there?

The PMP Exam consists of 200 multiple choice questions. Of these, 25 don’t count against your score, as they’re considered pretest questions.

What is considered a Passing Score on the PMP Exam?

PMI does not divulge the exact passing score. However, it is currently considered to be 65 – 69%.

What are the PMP Exam fees?

  • For PMI Members, USD $405
  • For Non PMI Members, USD $555

Will there be any negative marking on the PMP Exam?

No, you will not encounter any negative marking. If you don’t answer a question correctly, you don’t get any marks for it. You score only for the right answers.

How much time will I be allowed to write the PMP Exam?

The allowed time to complete the exam is 4 hours. The actual exam is preceded by a 15 minute navigation tutorial. This time is not included in the 4 hour exam time.

Can I mark a question for review and return to it later?

Yes, you can mark questions for review and return them later at any time.

Do questions marked for review on the exam get counted?

Yes. Providing you’ve answered the question. Unanswered questions are considered wrong answers.

Will I be allowed to use a calculator during the exam?

Yes, you can use MS Calculator or you may be provided with a calculator by the test centre.  You’re not permitted to use your own.

Are there any breaks provided during the exam?

No there are no breaks provided. However, you may take a break, if needed, but the clock continues to run.

What is the current Domain (Process Group) distribution of exam questions?

As of January 11th, 2016, the distribution is as follows;

Initiating 13%

Planning 24%

Executing 31%

Monitoring & Controlling 25%

Closing 7%

Which PMBOK Guide edition is the exam based on?

Currently: PMBOK Guide 5th Edition
The exam will continue to be based on the PMBOK Guide 5th edition until March 26, 2018

How do I get a copy of the 5th edition of the PMBOK Guide?

A copy of the PMBOK Guide, 5th edition, is provided free with our course at PMNow Inc.

How long will I need to prepare for the PMP Exam?

Preparation time will vary by individual; how much study time do you have available? Are you busy at work? When was the last time you had to study? Are you disciplined?  We find that most people take around two to three months on average.

What is the level of difficulty of the exam?

The PMP exam is considered difficult.

What is the best way to prepare for the exam?

Take a PMNow Inc. PMP Exam Prep class and then study. See www.pmnow.ca

How do I get the “35 Contact Hours” needed for the exam?

Take a PMNow Inc. PMP Exam Prep class. See www.pmnow.ca

Contact Hours versus PDUs; what is the difference?

Contact Hours are earned prior to becoming certified. Contact Hours result from face-to-face project management training (PMNow Inc. PMP Exam Prep classes). PDUs can only be earned after becoming PMP certified.

Can my contact hours expire?

No, contact hours cannot expire.

Which books are best for PMP Exam preparation?

In addition to the PMBOK Guide, 5th edition (6th edition as of November 2017), PMNow Inc. provides PMP Exam Prep, Eighth Edition – Updated: by Rita Mulcahy (Ninth Edition as of November 2017).

What are the best sources for free sample questions for the PMP exam?






What are the most difficult topics I will encounter?

The most difficult knowledge areas are; Integration, Risk and Procurement.  The most difficult Process Groups are ; Initiating and Monitoring & Controlling.

What formulas will I need to memorize?

Know and memorize them all.

What are the steps in the exam application process?

The PMP exam application involves the following steps:

  1. Complete our PMP Exam Prep class (see www.pmnow.ca)
  2. Submit an online application for the exam to PMI.
  3. PMI will review your application – if it’s complete, they will send an email asking you to submit you exam fee. The application approval will be valid for one year from the date of approval.
  4. After payment, you’ll receive an email informing you that;
    • you may schedule your exam, or
    • your application has been randomly selected for audit
  5. Should you receive instructions to schedule your exam, you can go ahead and do so.
  6. If, on the other hand, you were selected for audit, PMI will provide appropriate instructions.

Must I be a PMI member in order to apply for the PMP exam?

No, but the exam cost will be greater.

How quickly does PMI process my PMP Exam Application?

PMI usually takes five days to process your application.

How can I expect my PMP exams to be administered?

The exam is Computer Based.

How frequently are PMP exams available?

PMP exams are “continuously available” at Prometric test centres.

How is the PMP Exam fee paid?

It can be paid using PMI’s Online Certification System.

What is the process for PMP Exam Application audit?

Should you be selected for audit, PMI will send you instructions on how to comply – you will be asked to submit the following:

  1. Copies of your certificates: diplomas or degrees
  2. You must get signatures from the managers or supervisors whom you identified in the experience verification section of your application.
  3. Your certificate attesting to the 35 Contact Hours received certificate from PMNow Inc.

The requested documents must be sent through regular mail or via courier.  Documents are not accepted if they are faxed or e-mailed.

Is there a way that I can avoid the PMP Application Audit?

No, there is not. Approximately 10% of applicants are randomly selected for audit.

How do I schedule my exam?

The exam can schedule directly on the Prometric website; http://www.prometric.com/PMI/default.htm

Can I reschedule my PMP exam with Prometric?

If you reschedule or cancel your exam within 30 days of your scheduled exam date, you will be charged a fee of US$70.

PMI will attempt to provide flexibility for candidates who cancel within the 30 day window as a result of extenuating circumstances. These situations will be evaluated on a case by case basis.

Will I be charged a fee to reschedule the PMP Exam?

No. Please see the explanation above.

What happens if I don’t write my PMP Exam within one year?

You must apply again. Also, the exam fee, if paid, will be forfeited.

Where must I take the PMP Exam?

The exam is administered by PMI’s testing partner, Prometric. You can choose the testing centre closest to you at the Prometric website: http://www.prometric.com/PMI/default.htm

What should bring to the Prometric test centre?

It is recommended that you bring the following items;

A non expired, government issued, photo and signature bearing piece of identification. Acceptable forms of primary ID are:

  • passport
  • driver’s license
  • provincial health card
  • other forms of unexpired, government-issued, identification that has both signature and photo

When will I be told of the Results of my PMP Exam?

The result will be shown a few seconds after you complete the exam and you will be given an official, sealed print-out of your mark sheet upon leaving the Prometric test centre.

What information does the exam score report show?

The sore report contains the result, either Pass or Fail, and the Domain score information, stated as, Proficient, Moderately Proficient or Below Proficient will be shown.

How soon will I get my PMP Certificate?

You can expect your certificate to arrive in about 2-3 weeks after passing the exam.

How can I verify that an individual has their PMP credential?

You are able to verify a person’s PMP credentials using PMI’s web site, pmi.org, as long as you know his or her last name.

What if I fail the PMP Exam?

If you fail the PMP Exam, you can retake the exam any time up to two more times within your year of eligibility. The re-examination fees are;

$275 USD – PMI member

$375 USD – Non PMI member



PMP ExamOur “Results Guarantee” is straight forward: you must write the PMP certification exam within 60 days of the completion of our PMP Exam Prep class in order to qualify. Should you fail the exam on the first try, PMNow Inc. will pay for your retest provided it is taken within 30 days of the first exam.

Additionally, if you have completed our PMP Exam Prep class, you are entitled to take the full course, or any part of it again, free of charge, within 6 months of its completion.