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PMP® Exam Prerequisites

Training – 35 contact hours of project management training, e.g. this course, while not a prerequisite in itself, will fulfill the PMI® requirement of 35 contact hours of training.

Project Experience – Experience leading and directing project “tasks”:

With University – 4500 hours over at least 36 months
With High School – 7500 hours over at least 60 months

The requirement doesn’t specify that you have been a project manager, just that you have managed project tasks (not necessarily the whole project). For example, PMP® candidates could be technical leads. They must have made decisions or had influence over decision making on project schedules, risk, scope, budgets, human resources, procurement, quality, etc.Hours must be within the last 8 years. Months don’t have to be consecutive, i.e. there can be breaks when you’re not working on projects.

Project experience? What counts as a project? A project is defined as a temporary endeavor to create a unique product, service or result. Note that a project can be volunteer work and doesn’t have to make money or be for a large corporation.

How do you ‘prove’ you have this experience? There is a 90% chance you won’t have to. But, if PMI® asks (10% chance), you must get the contact(s) you named (for each project) to sign your experience sheets (PMI® gives you a link to print them) and you return the sheets to PMI®.

For more information visit PMI’s website at www.pmi.org

There is no industry background requirement. Our students come from a large variety of backgrounds. Since the exam is not industry dependent, it’s beneficial for students to hear experiences from other students in different project environments.

Some of the many industries students bring experience in:

  • Information Technology
  • Engineering
  • Construction
  • Government
  • Telecom